Natural Paints

Natural paints are micro-porous, meaning moisture is allowed to pass through them, whilst remaining waterproof. This is akin to a built-in ventilation system, ensuring there is always fresh air in the building. It also allows the building to regulate its moisture content making it difficult for mould to form

Conventional petro-chemical oil-based paints and varnishes contain many complex volatile chemicals which remain volatile long after they have been applied to our walls and woodwork. Hence that paint smell which lingers its been proven that petro-chemical paints effect your health / nerves system.

Paints and other finishes (like stains and varnishes) are some of the most notorious violators of indoor air quality in our homes.

One reason for their bad reputation is that paints, stains, and other finishes often release (offgas) substantial quantities of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs).

Because of out-gassing, the early months of inhabitation can be taxing, indeed even harmful, to one’s health. For people who are chemically sensitive, the effect can be devastating.

Affordability is key to the environmental challenge as well as knowing how best to save energy within your own home. There’s a wide range of products giving you the choice if you wish to cut your CO2 emissions and save money as well as improving your environment, but before you run out and cover your roof with wind turbines and solar panels to generate own electricity make sure you get the basics right first and insulate your home before you generate and try to implement natural organic building techniques.