House Extension Ideas – 4 Steps to Your Perfect Home

Our Design and Build services will help you to realise your perfect home.

We wish it was as easy as four steps! Realistically, achieving your perfect home has to involve more than four steps, otherwise you are likely to be disappointed with the end result. Our view is that the four most important things you should consider are as follows:


Draw your house out on plain white paper without naming the rooms. As soon as we identify an area with a name Like ‘lounge’, or ‘kitchen’ our minds then tend to identify the functions of the room with the location. STOP!! There is no reason why you can’t consider flipping the kitchen from the front to the rear or vice-versa.

Houses we live in were mostly built years ago and our needs have changed. Long gone are the days of the formal dining room which is only used a few times a year. Kitchens are no longer a place to slave alone and to stand there wondering how the dinner guests are doing; they are rapidly becoming the hub of the home, were you cook and socialize and relax, and of course you still need that area where you can escape.


Make sure you can afford to do it right or STOP. What’s the point of building something that you feel is just too small to fulfil your family’s needs, or fitting it out with a kitchen that was your third choice, or even installing a small window so you can enjoy your garden when what you really wanted was large concertina glass doors.

We can hear you say “But we can’t afford it all!” and we agree, but the important thing to get right is the structure, as once it’s built you can’t knock it down and suddenly build it again (well it is possible, but not everyone wins the lottery!).

Get the structure right and then fill it with your choice of kitchen, bathroom etc. You might not be able to finish off a room straight away, but hey just shut the door and finish it at a later date. Do make sure you install any pipework or electrics, though, because that would be disruptive to the fabric when you do finish it off.


Get ideas. Go and visit show homes that have just been built, look and try and understand how they achieve the end result by using some great design ideas. They are usually simple and really quite easy to incorporate within your extension or home improvement.

Look at their choice of d├ęcor and how they create a relationship with the different fabrics and colours. Remember they have not just put this together they have spent thousands on expensive interior designers who will know how to create that ideal family home.

You might find that you don’t like what they have done but that’s equally important; at least you now know that you don’t want to use the same ideas.


We would love to go on and provide you with steps 5-6-7-8 etc as they are all important, but this page was supposed to be the four steps so we will keep to that.

Hire a company that’s going to be responsible not just for one stage, but all stages, as more often than not if things go wrong everyone starts to point the dreaded finger at the other party. More often than not the client ends up digging deeper into their pocket to keep the peace and get their project completed. We’re going to sneak in a quick “get a contract that states simple terms of engagement and guarantees ‘get it right from the outset'”, which we believe is very important to a stress-free job.