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Kitchens are no longer just a place to prepare your meals…

… and then transport the food out to your waiting guests or children just sitting there like little chicks in their nests ready to be fed (don’t you love being a parent!).

They have become the main hub of the home where you entertain, dine and relax when you have finally cleaned away the remnants of the evening meal.

More and more we find ourselves demolishing the walls forming the formal dining room that no longer has a place in the modern home, and incorporating the space within the existing footprint of the original kitchen as well as extending out towards your garden.

Of course, if your house is large enough to have a room totally dedicated to dining, a formal dining room is still a great asset, however many of us live in houses where the space can be utilised in a much more efficient way, and provide a more welcoming aspect to our homes.

An open plan kitchen-dining room and snug area is a fantastic addition to any home. One thing that is critical when designing a rear kitchen extension is lighting, both natural and artificial.

We always encourage our clients to consider either large folding or sliding doors, or roof lights to allow the maximum amount of natural light to flow in.

When considering folding doors, we would always recommend that you choose a model with a low level threshold so that when the doors are fully opened it allows the outside to flow freely inwards. Artificial lighting has to be

flexible as you have only one chance of getting this right – you really don’t want to start to chase out walls after the kitchen is complete.

There’s so many types of lighting available to make your space welcoming and functional. Here are just a few examples:


All over soft lighting, giving a warm and welcoming feeling.


All-purpose lighting that illuminates the kitchen, making it a safe and pleasant environment to work in.

Accent or architectural lighting

This light is designed to pick out and focus on any special object that you would like highlighted.

Task lighting

Exactly as it sounds, this lighting is positioned over a work top or area where you prepare your food.

It is just as important to consider your outdoor lighting in the garden, so in the evening when the sun goes down you can simply switch the lighting on and illuminate the landscape. Get it right and it really can create that wow factor.

If budget is an important factor, we will always recommend alternatives to sophisticated intelligent lighting systems such as neutron switching. Standard switching can work equally well, and is more budget-friendly.